We had a need to keep your attention and remind you all the launch day is just around the corner. The curves, lines and the sex appeal of the Manx GT will soon be on display in a variety of locations for the chosen few to view and admire.


The publicity team are beginning to build several web sites showing information and progress at F1 Hoverpod and the group members. When the dates are confirmed for viewing, they will be posted on the News Site for viewing.


The Team at F1 Hoverpod® Racing have several press releases to announce over the oncoming months, some of the information will quieten our critics and the rest will bring Hoverpod® Racing into the 21st century where it rightfully belongs.


The Investment, time and effort has all proved worthy of the money spent and the results for all the hard work has been very rewarding with the flow of constant e-mail interest shown.


As usual, we can offer you some basic information at the following web sites until we have approved and submitted the new content.









Contact details for the team are as follows:


Tel + 44 (0) 5600-029808

Email enquiries@f1hoverpodracing.com


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